At W Solutions

What we do...

Our goal is to keep it simple, listen to your needs, understand, advise, and look to become a trusted advisor to YOUR business.

We want to give you time BACK which means less time sifting through resumes, less time interviewing and less time overall doing recruitment. That is OUR job.

Recruitment for many managers is not a big component of their responsibility and nor should it be.

That is why you pay us to do all the time consuming work and utilise our strengths and networks to make sure it doesn’t take all your time, so you can focus on other responsibilities. Leave it to us.

When you work with W Solutions, we are boutique and can give your business the time and attention it deserves.

Why work with one of the big agencies that get a senior to brief your role, then only to pass it onto one of their reports who have less than 2 years exp, get half of it lost in translation and end up with 10 CVs for a role, with 9 of them being Testers when you have asked for a Business Analyst? With us, you will get 2-3 CVs max that have been vetted quality candidates, who are often referred or previously have worked with us and most importantly, will fit your needs and the culture of your business.

For Jobseekers

We care about your job search and the whole process

Looking for work is not fun and something that to an extent, no one really tells us how to go about it the right way.

For Employers

As a partner, W Solutions builds strong lasting relationships

Where we hold ourselves accountable and take pride in the quality of work that we do.